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Your UnbelievaBowl founder Caroline, Superfood Boost

Hi, I’m Caroline, the proud owner of Your UnbelievaBowl, a company born out of my love and passion for nutritious food to support a healthy lifestyle.

You are what you eat

My journey started over 10 years ago when I experienced a huge life changing event and my mental health suffered. I tuned into the TV programme “You are what you eat” by Gillian McKeith, which resulted in an interest on the impact food has on health and well-being.  I made a list of all the wonderful foods I wanted to try in order to give myself the best possible chance of feeling the best I possibly could under the circumstances.

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All the goodness...

Before long, my cupboards were bursting with an array of nuts, seeds, superfood powders, fruits, spices and a few other health promoting plant foods.

Sugar lost its appeal and I gradually cut it from my diet. I replaced sugary cereal with oats and I began experimenting with flavour and texture combinations.

Not enough time...

At the time, I was a stay at home mum, so preparing and creating different blends wasn’t an issue. I used to get so excited by my nutritious breakfast mixes and I would ask friends and family to try them. They loved them too, but expressed they didn’t have the time or motivation to purchase and prepare all the individual ingredients themselves.
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Helping busy people everywhere...

Then one day I thought, 'why don't I produce some nutritious blends to help people who are too busy to make it themselves. Bingo, my vision was clear...

"I’d create a unique and healthy range of Superfood Boosts and an nourishing Super Porridge that includes nutritious, organic whole foods that are scientifically proven to support health and well-being"

Why is it good of you?

I decided to only include organic plant-based ingredients that are gluten free, not milled or ground and contained 8 natural ingredients in each pack.

Above all else, I wanted to create products with functional health benefits, so customers would understand how the food they were eating would support their health.

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Whatever you love, sprinkle on that!

I decided to create products that were convenient and versatile and could be sprinkled on or in every day foods such as: yoghurt, porridge, soup, smoothies, overnight oats and breakfast favourites like avocado on toast.

The dream was to transform my kitchen into a production space, spending days making delicious breakfast boosts and porridge.  

So please, join me on my journey and if you like, follow me on social media. Just click the social media icons below. I’d love to hear what you think and what makes your perfect breakfast bowl.