Didn’t expect such a big bag and full of goodness. Can’t wait to try other products.

Alison Hudson

Highly recommend! So much easier than having lots of little packets of seeds and oats in your cupboard. I feel healthy just having a bowl.

Stephanie Howes

Absolutely delicious! Full of goodness. Utterly moreish, cleverly put together, in one packet, essential boost of nourishment!

Ceinwen Jones

I was sceptical about how it would taste, some healthy dishes are like sawdust. I was very pleasantly surprised by the taste & texture. I shall be buying again

Amazon customer


I’m loving ‘Breakfast Boost’ on my fruit and yoghurt.. So nice to have found a mix with everything combined in a balanced way, which saves buying everything separately.

Eve Morton

Everyone has busy lives and trying to source all these healthy ingredients separately is just too time consuming, so the fact that this product has done it all for you is just fab.

Debbie Elcoat

Energise Breakfast boost mixed with overnight oats is a big hit with me. Simple to prepare and just right to set me up for the day. Great value and good for me too!


I decided to go for the Energise Superfood Boost and I'm glad I did. It has definitely improved my breakfast, adding a new taste and flavour.

Brian Fenn